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There is so much to see and do on Maui, every one of our trips offers so many new memories. Yet, with all the exciting reasons we have that keeps us coming back to the Valley Isle year after year, we also have a set of traditions we like to follow whenever we’re on Maui.

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Travel Tradition: Stargazing

After a brief hiatus, we’re back with another edition in our Travel Traditions series. And with this tradition, it’s something that is both free and can be done anywhere on any of the Hawaiian islands. How sweet it that!

Picture Worth a Thousand Stars

Allow me to start with one of my favorite (and luckiest) photos on this week’s topic, Stargazing.

Galaxies and Stars above Ka'anapali Beach

Those familiar with the Ka’anapali area might recognize that as Black Rock, and the astronomers in the house are calling out the Milky Way on the left. And for good measure, that bright object right in the center there is not a star, but the planet Jupiter.

I’ve touched on the topic of stargazing on Maui in various parts here and there over the last year or so, so the regular readers have heard this story before. We, like a fair number of people who visit Hawaii, come from a highly populated area where night skies full of stars of this magnitude aren’t readily available. When we came out to Maui for the first time, it totally blew us away, and quickly became one of the top must-do things on each of our trips.

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