Future Plans

We already know that this isn’t a better place we want to vacation that Maui. Below is a short list of future trips we’re thinking about, and eventually even spending some time calling Maui home!


Shooting on top of the world

August 2011

After skipping our 2010 trips to start our ‘ohana, we’re more than ready to get back to the Valley Isle in 2011. And after having so much fun at the Maui Photo Festival and Workshops in ’09, it’s time to go back for a second dose of knowledge.

And this time, we’re a bigger group than any of our previous trips. We’ll be bringing our son for his first trip to Maui, and to help along with him we’ll be bringing my mother for her second voyage to paradise. Our son will be close to 9 months old by then, and add on Cindy’s 9 months of pregnancy, she’s going to finally get that well deserved “me” time.

Just like last time, I’ll be wrapped up with the festival for 4 days, but we’re arriving 3 days earlier to enjoy the island on our own schedule, too. Nothing too crazy planned for those first 3 days, but we’ll come up with something as the time gets closer.


2012 and Beyond

Two years ago, before we became parents, we were looking to fast track a relocation to Maui by this time. Now that we have keiki on board, those plans become a little more complicated.

So, after our next trip in August, we’ll have some things to sort out. If we do decide to pick up and move our clan west, we know we’ll want to do so before our son starts kindergarten. And if that’s the case, we may be looking to save up for a few years and skip our annual trips in the process.

Only time will tell.