Fun Facts

Here are some quick facts and totals about our trips that we think are fun to share (includes our honeymoon in Oahu and Kauai in ’04).

  • Total number of days in Hawaii – 61 days
  • Total miles flown, round trip – approx. 42,100 miles
    • One trip around the Earth is 25,000 miles
  • Total time on airplanes – 94 hours
    • That’s over three full days!!! Not to mention time at the airport.
  • Trips to the ABC Store – too many to count
    • Usually once or twice a day
  • Free Del Sol tote bags – 5
    • Free with every $50 purchase :)
  • Average number of digital photos taken per trip – 2,100 photos
  • Average time to review and print photos once home – 2.5 months
  • Months we’ve been, or planning to be, on Maui