Daily Maui Photo

Wouldn’t you like a little bit of Aloha from Maui everyday?

Well, as part of my Daily Maui Photo website, I’ve created a little Google Gadget photo day calendar that does just that.

The Maui Photo Day Calendar gadget features a different photo from Maui that we’ve taken during our annual trips to the Valley Isle. I originally created this just for my own iGoogle page, but I figured others might enjoy it as well.

Below is a live preview of the gadget and a screenshot of how it looks when added to iGoogle. You can read more about this gadget if you’d like more info.

You can add this gadget to your own iGoogle page by clicking the Add to Google button below the gadget preview. Don’t have an iGoogle page? Find out how to start one.

Live Gadget Preview


Preview of Gadget Displayed on iGoogle Page

About this Gadget

I created this gadget using photos that we have taken ourselves, and we reserve all rights to their use and ask that you do not use them individually without permission (contact us).

The live preview of this gadget shown on this page above was added using the Google Gadget Syndication feature, which allows website and blog owners to display gadgets on their own website using a small client script. If you’re interested in displaying our photo day calendar on your own site or blog, you can customize the displaying using the Google Gadget Creator Page.

Also, while not required, if you are using our gadget on your site or blog, we’d love to know about it. Just send us a note at the contact page or on Twitter.