Daily Maui

The features of the Daily Maui section of our website.

Daily Hawaiian

Everyone can use a little bit of Aloha in their day, so we make it easy by providing a taste of Hawaii every day. Our Daily Hawaiian page is updated daily with the Hawaiian Word, Phrase and Fact of the day.

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Hawaii News

The Internet is a wonderful thing. When you can’t step outside your front door and have the local Maui newspaper on your doorstep, keeping tabs on the ins and outs of Maui online is the next best thing. Here you can find a collection of our favorite online news sources from the Island of Maui.

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Maui Weather

Unless you live in Maui, your local weather report probably makes you wish you did. Here, you can get the current weather conditions and the extended forecast for various locations in Maui, powered by NOAA’s National Weather Service.

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Maui Climate

Here you can find temperature and rainfall statistics for different parts of Maui, all year round. You can view the actual figures and graphs based on a particular month of the year, or for an individual location on Maui.

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Today’s Photos

We thought we’d also give you a little visual taste of Maui every day, so this page features photos from our own trips that will are updated on a daily basis.

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Daily Maui Photo

What started as a Google Gadget serving up a day calendar turned into a site of it’s own. You can add it to your home page or even your own website or blog.

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How Far to Maui?

The number of hours that frequent Maui visitors spend on flights to and from the island can really add up over the years. That sort of inspired us to create this fun little page that lets you enter a location in the US and how out how far away from Maui it is.

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Is it Maui?

One of our newest daily diversions related to the Valley Isle, which tests out your knowledge of the Hawaiian islands. Each day, a new photo is displayed that was taken somewhere on one of the four major islands of Hawaii. The simple question is, is it Maui?

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Photo Tag Match

Here’s a quick little page based on Flickr that measures and charts the popularity of the Hawaiian islands against each other. Using the Flickr API, this page calculates the number of photos tagged with each island name, and compares them side by side to see which one is the most popular. Find out if Maui comes up No Ka ‘Oi.

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