Aloha Friday Postcard: Kahakuloa Flyby

Friday, August 24, 2012

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Kahakuloa Flyby

A dramatic flyby around Kahakuloa Point in northwestern Maui.

Back again with another Aloha Friday postcard after on a little summer vacation last week.

As mentioned on the Maui by Postcard site today, this is one of my favorite aerial shots from my doors-off helicopter tour last August, and I’ve been featuring it in a few different places online already.

In fact, it’s hard to believe it will already be a year ago tomorrow when I was on that helicopter tour and we were enjoying one of our last days in Maui on that trip.

You can read about all those details from that day in this post from our trip journal. Boy, we can’t wait to get back there again.

Prints Available

In addition to being the featured postcard today and available in the Maui Postcards App, you can also now order larger prints of this image over at the Maui by Poster print gallery.

I have bigger plans for expanding that gallery as time permits (ha!), but there are still some great images there to check out if you want to put some Aloha on your wall. I hope to have another announcement on that project in the coming months.

More Postcards

As with all of the postcards we’ve been featuring on the blog, this and all the others are available over at the Maui by Postcard website and in the Maui Postcards App for your iPhone and iPad.

Have a great weekend everyone!

– Kris

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