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Thursday, January 12, 2012


It may have taken a little longer than anticipated, but the 2nd installment in the Maui by Poster eBook Series is finally here!

The new Above Maui Edition eBook features some of my favorite aerial shots when touring over the island of Maui by helicopter. No doubt, a helicopter tour is one of the most expensive excursions on the island of Maui, but by sharing the images in this eBook, I hope to bring that experience and the amazing views to those that might not otherwise get to see them in person.

And who knows, I may end up inspiring a few readers to book a flight and see why I love these aerial shoots.

Grab a Copy

Just like the first edition, this eBook is absolutely free!

Head over to the Maui by Poster eBook page at the Daily Maui Photo website where you see previews from both editions in the series to date, as well as download PDF versions for either your mobile device, tablet, or your computer.

Aloha on Your Wall

And also like the first edition, you can also order prints of your favorite images from this eBook as well.

Visit the Maui Posters page to learn about how easy it is for you to Put Some Aloha On Your Wall.

Share the Aloha

Lastly, help spread the Aloha by sharing the eBook download page with your friends and fans online, via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and any other of your favorites. Our Maui by Photo Facebook page is also a nice and easy way to share with your friends, too.

So, fasten your seat belts, and prepare for take-off…

– Kris

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