Sunday Photo: Behind the Cage

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Photos

Behind the Cage

Taken by Kris Nelson on February 20th, 2009.

Location: Hockey rink at Kalama Park, Kihei, Maui

About the Photo

We took this photo on our February ’09 trip while we were exploring Kihei prior to our appointment for vacation portraits. A month earlier, I had found Maui Hockey online, and it wasn’t difficult to convince Cindy to swing by and check it out. We had intended to stop by and watch a game at Kalama Park during our trip, but our schedule wouldn’t allow for it.

More Maui Hockey

Maui Roller HockeyAside from the nostalgia of reliving our ’09 trip this time 2 years ago, hockey was on top of mind even more than usual. You see, this weekend it was Hockey Weekend Across America, sponsored by USA Hockey. As such, I was hoping to see a little representation from the Maui Inline Hockey Association, but that came up empty.

In Maui, this weekend was also the Annual Whale Day celebration as part of the Maui Whale Festival. It was the same celebration we went to 2 years ago and saw the skaters from Maui Inline with this float in the parade. There was also this photo posted to Twitter two weeks ago by @AMauiBlog.

Closer to Home

Although not on Maui during this hockey weekend, I felt like participating by wearing my UH hockey jersey. Wearing hockey jersey’s were encouraged as part of the USA hockey celebration.

My brother and I currently play on 3 different roller hockey teams here on the mainland. In fact, we have 2 games scheduled for later in the day on Sunday. And while I don’t have footage of the Maui kids playing 20 feet from the ocean, someone from one of our teams is nice enough to shoot our games. Therefore, I can offer you a look at a few highlights from one of our recent games.

I know, you’re here expecting photos and details about Maui and I’m sharing home videos of my roller hockey triumphs. Please bear with me, I’m only foreshadowing. Should our ohana in fact relocate to the Valley Isle in the next few years, you can almost expect me to gravitate towards that rink as often as possible. Given my past player and coaching experience, I just wouldn’t be able to help myself.

So, remember this post in about 4-5 years. You may very well see me coaching a group of youngsters enjoying the exciting sport of hockey in a beautiful, Hawaii paradise. Don’t laugh, it could happen. :)


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