Feb. 09 Trip – Revisited

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


West Maui SunsetTwo years ago today, we were making our way back to Maui for what turned out to be such a memorable two weeks. While we’re in the very early stages of planning a return to the Valley Isle for this August, I thought it’d be fun (if not somewhat depressing) to take a look back at all the memories we made that trip.

It was our most recent two-week trip to Maui, which seemed to be the right amount of time to visit (other than staying for months, of course). Although we returned in September for the Maui Photo Festival that year – and had a blast at that – our two-week trips are truly special.

Trip Journal

The best way to revisit what we did 2 years ago is to start with the Feb. ’09 Trip Journal. It was certainly a challenge to break out the laptop and blog our adventures each night/morning when I’d rather be outside taking photos. But at times like this, being able to relieve those moments as they were recounted at the time is such a treasure.

Top 5 Highlights

It’s hard to just single out individual parts of our trips as being better than others, but here it goes. The Top 5 Highlights of our February ’09 trip, in no particular order:

Sunrise Fans

1. First Haleakala Sunrise – yes, it took 4 years, but it was still a great experience.


Calf Breach

2. Whale Watching – this was our first winter trip, and although we saw whales on our April trip in ’08, this time was amazing.


Vacation Portrait
Photo Credit: Natalie Brown

3. Vacation Portraits with Natalie Brown – having vacation portraits itself was a wonderful idea. Meeting photographer Natalie Brown and working with one of the best portrait photographers on the island was just the Macadamia Nuts on the Hula Pie.


Cottage 17

4. A Night in Heavenly Hana – our first overnight stay in Hana. Oooh, what I wouldn’t give for an entire week there.


Maui Tweetup

5. Maui Tweetups – our first two #MauiTweetup get togethers, finally meeting our online friends in real life.


So there you have it. Take a look through the trip journal posts, browse some of the photos, and come with us to that special Maui place in our hearts.

And if you get inspired to share your own Maui memories or want to check out more photos from a particular spot on the island, head on over to Maui by Photo and Talk Story with us.

– Kris

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