The Baby (A)isle

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Dec. 5thWell, my wife and I have been parents for six weeks now, and we can honestly say they have been the best six weeks of our lives. Our son, Christian Kuhio, joined our ohana on December 4th, and everyone is doing well.

And although we spent all of 2010 preparing for the baby aisle instead of the Valley Isle, the magic of Maui and the Aloha Spirit in our hearts is still as big as ever. With the holidays now behind us, and getting accustomed to the parenting routine, we’re ready to start setting our sights back to the island we love – with keiki in tow.

Happy Returns

One event we had to pass on last year was the Maui Photo Festival in August, after attending the inaugural event back in ‘09. It’s only fitting then, as we make plans to return to Maui, that we center our plans around the 2011 event.

Planning will officially start for us in February, although we’re already keep an eye on airfare. Since we’ll be a travelling ohana, and I’ll be consumed from morning-to-night with the festival and workshops, Christian’s grandma has been kind enough to come along with us to help out so Cindy can have some time to enjoy a vacation herself. This will be her second visit to the island after we brought her to Maui to celebrate turning the big 50.

Christian will be just shy of nine months old when we make the journey, so that should be challenging in itself. A few folks we talked to said it shouldn’t be a problem, but I’m just afraid of being that parent with the crying child on a nine hour flight. I’m sure I’ll lighten up about it as the date approaches.

Site Updates

Well, with a new year upon us, it’s always a time to look at doing new things and working on those old projects that were never finished.  Even though the blog and website hadn’t changed much last year, I still launched another revamped Maui website and even an iPhone app dedicated to our favorite island. And that’s really just the beginning for my plans this year, but I’ll cover all of that in other posts soon.

So for now, belated wishes for a happy and healthy new year in 2011, and if you happen to be in town for the Maui Photo Festival in August, definitely look me up and say Aloha.

- Kris

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Kris and his wife Cindy are avid Maui fans, and have visited the island half a dozen times since '06. Over the years, they have made many friends living on Maui or through social media, which keeps them in touch with the island until they can return again.

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