Let Trip 5 Planning Begin

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trip 5 Plans

High above HawaiiIt’s now official, we’ve booked our airfare for our upcoming trip to Maui next month, and the planning can now begin.

Back So Soon?
It wasn’t exactly easy to squeeze in a second trip to Maui this year, but not soon after I found out last February about the Maui Photo Festival being organized for this September, I knew we had to find a way to make it there. After a summer of tightening our belts, and quite a bit of help from a second job, we’re counting down the days with less than 3 weeks to go.

The Timing
One of the big draws with the Maui Photo Festival was that they had a really great rate at the Hyatt Regency Maui, where the event is being held. Sure, there are still better deals to be found on Maui, but we’ve admired the Hyatt from afar on those long walks from the Sheraton, and have had friends that have stayed at the Hyatt with nothing but great things to say about it.

Something I overlooked initially was that the great deal being offered by the Hyatt was available 3 days before and 3 days after the festival, which is being held Sept. 16th-20th. Which was great, since flying out for just 5 days would have felt sorta like a drag.

So, we jumped on that option and extended this late summer vacation to 8 days, 7 nights. We’ll be leaving during our normal Sunday morning timeframe on the 13th, but flying American this time instead of United. Our red-eye back will be Sunday night the following week, giving us more than enough time to say Aloha to some friends before we go.

Time For Ourselves
With us arriving Sunday afternoon and the festival not officially starting until Thursday, we’ll have 3 full days to do whatever we’d like. That doesn’t seem like much at all compared to our normal 2 weeks, but it’s enough time to catch up on a couple of spots we missed in February. Here’s the working list right now:

Westin 015Cindy in Spa Heaven
So, what will Cindy be doing while I’m off doing workshops and hanging out of helicopters (more on that soon)? Well, the Hyatt has a really great spa that I’m sure she’ll want to visit. There is also the newly opened Black Rock Spa at our very favorite Sheraton Maui Resort that she just missed earlier this year. And, we can’t leave out the great folks at the Heavenly Spa at the Westin. Could she do all three spas in just one week?  I don’t know, we’ll have to ask her. :)

More to Come
With less than 3 weeks left, we don’t have that much time to get things scheduled and planned out. Never fear though, as all that activity planning will be shared right here on the blog. It should be fun.

That’s all for now. Be sure to stay tuned for all the latest.

- Kris

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Kris and his wife Cindy are avid Maui fans, and have visited the island half a dozen times since '06. Over the years, they have made many friends living on Maui or through social media, which keeps them in touch with the island until they can return again.

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5 Responses to “Let Trip 5 Planning Begin”

  1. Mar Says:

    Aloha, Aw, we will miss you………we are leaving home Sept 3 and will stay 10 days at the Whaler next to Whaler’s Village. This is our 6th trip to Maui since 2003 and we love the condo at the Whaler. It’s large – comfortable and has all the bells and whistles to keep us happy on Vacation. I am interested in that Photo festival as well but wasn’t aware of it until after our trip was booked. If you’re going to the Blowhole this time I’m thinking that you will be driving the trip all the way around so I recommend you stop at Lorraine’s Shave Ice in Kahakuloa. She’s become an important part of our trip each time now as she exhibits the “Aloha spirit” and we enjoy our time with her and the goodies she sells : ) especially the coconut candy she makes and her yummy beef jerky.

    I could go on and on about Maui and how much it means to us but I will close this now. Maui No Ka Oi, Mar

  2. Sumithra Balraj Says:

    A few more exciting events happening during your visit to Maui:
    September 13 – Spa celebration at The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas with the renamig of the Spa to Spa Helani, A Heavenly Spa by Westin. Proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society.
    September 18 to 20 – Maui Marathon (exciting finish at Whalers Village, next to Westin Maui Resort & Spa)

    New restaurants to try:
    Pulehu Italian Grill – open Thursdays to Sundays for dinner from 5:30 pm. It’s located at The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas and has been getting raving reviews from customers.

    Enjoy your visit to Maui!!

  3. Bob Kudla Says:

    Kris, go to Mama’s for a drink, but have dinner at the Haliimaile General Store. The food is much better for what you will pay for it. We have been to Mama’s at least a dozen times but it is trading on its name and location, the food and drinks are expensive for what you get. The other restaurant (which is world famous) is literally ten minutes away upcountry. Have a drink, maybe a pupu, watch the sun start to go down and go to the other restaurant.

    Also, go to Makawao and stop in Sherri Reeves Gallery, you’ll enjoy it, and say hi from us. :-)

    Have lot’s of fun.

  4. Kris Says:

    @Mar – Aloha, and mahalo for your comments. Always nice to meet another frequent Maui visitor. Glad to hear your making it back to the islands next week, and as often as it sounds like both of us visit Maui, I’m sure our paths are bound to cross. Who knows, maybe next year’s Photo Festival.

    The Whaler looks like a pretty nice place when it comes to condos in Ka’anapali. They were doing some construction near there back in February, which was pretty noisy, but I imagine that’s wrapped up by now. Thanks for the tip about Lorraine’s, although I’m not sure yet if we’re going to have time for that entire drive. Heard nothing but great things about the views along that side of the mountains, even though most people say the drive is more difficult than going to Hana. Definitely something we’re planning to do at some point in the future.

    And I totally agree about talking story about Maui. Could do this stuff for hours and hours a day if I’m not careful.

    Thanks a gain for the note.
    – Kris

  5. Kris Says:

    @Sumithra – Mahalo for the list of events next month. We were on Maui in ’07 during the Maui Marathon and actually at breakfast next to some of the team from Canada that were staying at the Sheraton. We didn’t make it down to Whaler’s Village for the end of the race that year, but Cindy might check it out while I’m off at class.

    @Bob – Thanks for the tip about Mama’s and Haliimaile. We’re certainly hoping to spend some of our free time in the upcountry this trip, and always looking for more ideas. A few of us on Twitter are planning a get together on the Sunday we leave (the 20th), so that might be the place to go.

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