Our Trips has a Brand New Look

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Site Updates

Cottage 18A little overdue, but part of this summer’s changes to our website are finally ready. The Our Trips section has now been given a new look and has been made easier to navigate and to digest what exactly we like to do (and have done) on each of our trips to Maui.

If you haven’t visited the Our Trips section yet, it contains a wealth of information about our many trips to Maui. Here’s a short sampling of what you’ll find:

  • Details of each trip, including days/nights, flights, etc.
  • Blog posts from our trip planning, which has proved pretty rewarding in the last year with all the great feedback and ideas from our readers
  • Itineraries of what we’ve done day-by-day on our trips, helpful to see how we like to spread out our activities and not overdue it
  • Journal entries, also from our blog, covering the events of our trip. Inspired by Cindy’s hand written journal from wherever we travel.
  • Some of our highlighted travel traditions, neat little habits we like to do on every trip
  • Our future plans, notes on upcoming trips in the next few years, because we also like to have another trip to countdown to.

In addition to all of that, we also feature our photo gallery and a small video collection from our trips as well.

Why Our Trips?
The main purpose of this site and blog are to help “Share the Magic of Maui.”  Since some of our site’s visitors might not be seasoned Maui vacationers, I think it helps to have a little insight into what works for us by seeing exactly what we do. All vacations are different, and there are too many combinations and circumstances to comprehend, let alone touch on, but if at least one prospective visitor to the Valley Isle finds this helpful section, I’m happy.

Also, as sort of a side purpose, it’s been pretty helpful for me to keep track of what we’ve done on different trips, too. As we spend more time on Maui and with all those hours spent on airplanes starting to feel the same, documenting our trips here helps me keep my facts straight later on when relaying our Maui experiences elsewhere on the web. I’m not getting any younger, and you know what they say about memory being the first to go. :)

More Updates Planned
Ka'anapali BeachAt the moment, I can’t think of a time where I’ve ever been busier than I am right now. Still, there are many changes coming to this site that I want to get out sooner rather than later.

Our trip in February was really amazing for many reason, one of which was continuing to find new beaches, sights, tours, and places to eat that we hadn’t visited on previous trips. That means there’s a ton of new places I need to write up and list here at the site, starting with the Beaches section.

As I go through these sections and added stuff from trip 4, I’ll also be tweaking some of the pages similar to what I did for the Our Trips section. In addition to all of that, I’ve really be wanting to add a better Music page here, too. I’ve been playing a lot of great Hawaiian tunes on my iPod lately, which is making me want to share that part of the Aloha experience on the site, too.

300 Posts
One other quick note, the post last Monday was actually the 300th post here at the blog. When I started the blog as an extension of this site back in September ‘07, I never really had a number in mind as to how many posts I would have, etc. Looking back now after almost two years and seeing how much I’ve written and shared with all of you, it seems a little surreal, and I can’t say that I would have expected to have reached this milestone so quickly. Good times!

Talk Story
Going back to the updates for the Our Trips section, please check it out if you haven’t, and let me know what you think of the new changes. I’m very interested in hearing feedback on whether you think it’s helpful to showcase, and maybe other ways it can be improved. Maybe you’ve seen something on similar sites, or have your own traditions for blogging or recording your Maui memories? Do share.

– Kris

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