Aloha Friday – April 10th, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Aloha Friday, Follow Friday

0410 - Apr 10th

Aloha Friday
Peering into the stunning Haleakala Crater from along the rim.

Our Aloha Friday photo each week is from our Maui Photo Day Calendar. Visit for more details on how to add a new Maui photo on your iGoogle page or your blog everyday.

Follow Friday on Twitter
Friday has also become a popular day on Twitter as well, as a way to do a little networking and met some new tweeps. I thought I’d taken a moment and add a few of my favorite tweeps each week along with the Aloha Friday photo here at the blog.

Since this will be my first Follow Friday post, why not start off with my favorite Maui tweeps that I got to meet up with in real life (IRL) last February.

Tune in for another Aloha Friday photo and Follow Friday tweeps next week, too.


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    Happy Aloha Friday to you!

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