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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Even though we’re back home here on the mainland from our wonderful trip to Maui, my Twitter friends on the island keep me feeling close to everything going on there.

While it was raining here over the weekend and I was locked indoors doing some spring cleaning, a few of them got together for another tweetup. This time, Liza (@AMauiBlog) and Dave (@raatz) met up with Megan (@meganfinley) who was visiting from California. They met up at the Starbucks in the Kukui Mall in Kihei, which was the same spot Cindy and I stopped after the Whale Day Parade. Dave took this photo of the lovely ladies in attendence, and it was kind of cool because I knew exactly where they were. Needless to say most of that entire island is still fresh in my mind.

The Next Tweetup – March 12th.
It looks like the group is planning another tweetup for this Thursday, 12pm at Cafe Marc Aurel in Wailuku. If you’re in the area and want to say Aloha, be sure to shoot a reply to Megan or the others on Twitter and let them know. Trust me, these things are pretty fun. You can also follow the #mauitweetup hashtag for all the chatter about upcoming meet ups as well.

How it Started
These Maui tweetups are relatively new from what it sounds like. When talking with Dave and Liza, it looks like the first well organized one was back in January, when the crew met up with Jeremiah (@jowyang) who was also visiting in from the California. Liza saw how much fun the Oahu Twitter folks were having with their tweetups, so she decided to unite the Maui crowd. Since then, there have been a few others that I’ve spotted coming across the Twitter stream, and probably others that I’ve missed.

The upcountry group, for example, like to frequent Island Cuisine in Paia fairly regularly. That’s where Cindy and I got to meet up with them on our way back from Hana last month. It was actually our second tweetup on our vacation, with the first being with Dave and Liza at Whale Day. Both meetings were big highlights in an already amazing vacation.

These Guys Rock!!!
I don’t want to speak for Jeremiah or Megan, but I think the guys and gals organizing and coming out for these tweetups are totally awesome. I mean afterall, they have full, everyday lives just like the rest of us. Yet, they’re so full of the Aloha Spirit and truly dig the friendships they’ve made on Twitter that they’re willing to take time out of their schedules to and meet us and talk story.

As visitors to Maui, or anywhere else for that matter, that type of welcome is beyond special. There’s something so organic about it that the tourism industry just couldn’t recreate themselves if they tried. It’s true Aloha, and one of the great things about the people of Hawaii.

Join the Ohana
If you’re a big fan of Maui and aren’t already part of the Maui ohana on Twitter, what are you waiting for? Even if you’re not planning to visit the Valley Isle soon, talking story and tweeting with the folks I’ve mentioned in this post, myself (@webnelly) and many others will surely make you feel like you’re back on the island again. And for the Maui tweeps that share your Aloha with us everyday, mahalo nui loa, and I can’t wait until I get to meet up with you guys next.

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