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Friday, January 2, 2009

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Aloha! Welcome to 2009 and another installment of our Weekly Website series.
We’re sticking with a Maui focus for our featured site this week, and we taking a look at one of the categories of blogs that I like to call “life in paradise.”
A Maui Blog
While the sites in our weekly series to this point have been travel and information guides focused on Maui and the other Hawaiian islands, A Maui Blog is the first in our series that showcases life on Maui. The blog is written by Liza, who has been living on the Valley Isle since ’94 (lucky duck). Checking out the archives at A Maui Blog, it was started back in December of 2006, but has really taken off with regular posts now in the past 3 months or so. While that might not seem like a lot, Liza has been blogging non-stop on her original blog, Liza’s Eyeview, for 2 full years now. For those of us that have a passion for blogging, we know that it takes a lot of work to keep up that pace for so long.
I referred to this blog as being in category I call “life in paradise,” because that’s what A Maui Blog is all about. It covers different aspects of living on Maui, from things like local news, weather, and events to updates on what her kids are up to. There are a lot of great photos, too, which we really like. These aren’t all just the typical postcard views either (although there are some of those). We enjoy the everyday photos that showcase life on Maui, whether it’s a day at the mall or outdoor xmas decorations, Hawaiian style. It’s that view of everyday life that I enjoy the most about her blog, as well as the notion that life on Maui isn’t always about sunsets and going to the beach.
A Maui Blog is a traditional blog, which aren’t structured with the navigation and features of a full website. For those types of blogs, the focus in this part of our review looks at some of the regular post series instead of site features.

The are currently three series that are featured on A Maui Blog, with my favorite being the Wordless Wednesday series. There’s something about photos that just capture the pure essence of Maui that need no further explanation. Those always gets to me. I also enjoy the Aloha Friday series each week, because after all, who doesn’t look forward to Fridays?

The Aloha Friday series at A Maui Blog is in participation with many other blogs featured at An Island Life. You can find even more blogs participating there each week.

Favorite Posts
I’ve only been following A Maui Blog for about a month or two, but that’s still enough time to gather a few favorite posts.

We welcome you to talk story if you have thoughts on this review or on A Maui Blog. Mahalo to Liza for sharing a little bit of her family’s life on Maui with all of us, and keep those photos coming!
Stay tuned next week for another edition in our Weekly Websites series, and if you have a blog or site you’d like us to feature, read below.

The Weekly Website Series here at our blog showcases various websites and blogs that we like to frequent, as well as recommend to others. There are so many Maui and Hawaii focused sites out there, it might seem a little intimidating at first. By featuring sites that we us ourselves and have found very helpful and engaging, we hope to introduce others to the very best out there.

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