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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weekly Websites

Aloha and welcome to another edition in our Weekly Website series.
We’re taking a somewhat different approach to our series this week by featuring, of all things, a TV News website in Hawaii.
KGMB9 News Hawaii

First, I’ll say that we always enjoy watching the local news when we’re on Maui. For us, it’s not about seeing the weather forecast, but staying more in tuned with the everyday life on the islands and learning what happens on Hawaii from day to day. Sure, there’s some of the same national stories and, like back home, there’s always the bad news being reported (violence, crime, the economy, etc.). Yet, there’s always at least two or three local stories that are very heartwarming and showcase individuals or local organizations spreading the Aloha Spirit.
Okay, back to the website portion of this post. Why KGMB9, and not one of the others online? Two words, “Streaming Video”. Well, there’s actually more than that, so read on.
Now that the cat is out of the bag, my favorite feature of the KGMB9 website is the Streaming Video they have right there on the home page. It’s easy, always on (at least from the times I’ve tried it) and free. Depending on daylight savings time here on the mainland, I can tune into the 6pm news airing on Hawaii instead of watching the 10pm news locally. Pretty neat, I think.
Also, if you’re looking for an alternative to the national network morning shows, how about one with a Hawaii flavor to it? Their website also features stories and content from Sunrise on KGMB9, the Hawaii morning show that starts off at 4:30am HST (which again works out nicely if you’re on the mainland).
There is one other thing I wanted to mention about KGMB9 that has really drawn me to their website, and it’s their engaging use of the micro-blogging service Twitter. You can follow along and get first tips on breaking stories by following @KGMB9, and if you’ve never heard of Twitter before, KGMB9 even has a short article to get you started.
For us on the mainland, it has never really been this easy to stay tuned to all things Hawaii without actually being there. Of course, visiting the Aloha State is always the best option, but the KGMB9 website can certainly help out in a pinch.

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