Sunday Photo: Black Rock at Night

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Photos

Black Rock at Night
Black Rock at Night
Taken by Kris Nelson on September 12th, 2007
Location: Ka’anapali, Maui

E komo mai to our first Sunday Photo of 2009!

Yesterday’s Travel Tradition post made me more than just hungry. The unanticipated tangent at the end about walking along Ka’anapali Beach at night led me on a stroll down memory lane of all the peaceful, and romantic, walks we’ve taken on Maui. So this week, I’m featuring two shots I’ve taken of Black Rock at night, to carry over some of that atmosphere I started writing about yesterday.
The first one above is a shot of the torches lit on Black Rock at around 9pm. Not only do the torches that line the cliff look so gorgeous against the dark night sky, we’re often memorized by the reflections they make along the water below. If you close your eyes, you can hear the waves washing onto the shore, and if you suddenly get chicken skin (goosebumps), that could just be from the gentle breeze off the water.
So let’s see. You’re on one for the most beautiful beaches on the island, Ka’anapali Beach, which is surprisingly empty at this time of night. The torches on Black Rock are dancing for you in the night sky, along with a gentle ocean breeze and the sounds the waves make as they caress the sand. What else could possibly be missing? Oh right, the stars!!!
Black Rock at Night
This photo was taken roughly in the same spot, instead looking higher up in the sky and as a longer exposure. The slower shutter speed is what is causing the torches to look huge, but the real treat is all the stars above the cliff. For those of us on the mainland that live in highly populated areas, star-filled skies are often hard to come by. Maybe you get used to it by living in Hawaii, but we don’t think it ever would for us.
That about completes the puzzle, now doesn’t it?
New Photos Coming Soon
Can you believe our Sunday Photos series has been running for over a year now and has close to 50 photos in it? The well is starting to get a little dry, but luckily we leave for Maui in just six weeks, so we’ll have plenty of photos to share each week for the remainder of 2009 when we return.


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