Sunday Photo: Hidden Waterfall

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Photos

Hidden Waterfal
Hidden Waterfall
Taken by Kris Nelson on June 4, 2006
Location: Somewhere above Maui

Continuing from last week’s photo, here is another shot from high above Maui that we took on our helicopter tour with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. This hidden waterfall is one of the many that you can only see from a helicopter, and surely the vantage point from a helicopter window can’t do justice to the actual size of this towering sight.

I don’t know where exactly we were above Maui when I took this photo, so trying to identify this particular waterfall is rather tricky. We did receive a DVD of our helicopter tour (which was well worth the additional $20), and I’ve been meaning to watch it for the past few weeks now. Maybe that will help put some context to where about this treasure was found, but even if it remains nameless, it’s still amazing!
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