New Maui Photo Day Calendar

Monday, December 15, 2008

Site Updates

This week’s update is actually not an update to our website, but an update to your home page! What exactly does that mean?

Well, we’ve added a Maui Photo Day Calendar as a new Google Gadget that you can add and customize on your own iGoogle page. It will display a different Maui photo every day with a short description and the current month and day. It’s a small little gadget, so it won’t take up much space. Yet it’s still large enough to share that warm, Aloha feeling. Here’s a preview of how it looks.

Maui Photo Day Calendar

Another great thing about this day calendar is that all our photos are hosted on Flickr. That means, if you see a photo you really like, you can click on it, view the photo page and read comments that others have posted. If you also have a Flickr account, you can leave your own comments, too.

Adding to Your Site or Blog
Since this is a Google Gadget, you can also add it to your own website or blog using the gadget syndication feature. It’s easier than it sounds. All you need to do is visit the gadget Creator Page and customize the display to your liking. When you’re done with that, you get a single line of JavaScript that you just add wherever you want this gadget to be displayed, and viola!

If you don’t already have an iGoogle page, you can read more about it and start one here. If you like this gadget, spread the word to all your other Hawaii lovin’ friends. If you experience problems or have recommendations, please let us know.

Mahalo, and enjoy.

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