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Friday, December 12, 2008


I previously mentioned one way I like to keep tabs on Maui, so I thought I’d share another simple way to stay informed of some local activities happening on your favorite island. Newsletters.

Even with today’s newer web technologies like RSS feeds, blogs and other cool gadgets, newsletters are another great way organizations on Maui keep people informed of upcoming events, news, and other noteworthy causes.  Here are the ones that we currently subscribe to. Check out their websites to find more info on how to subscribe.
Pacific Whale Foundation –
You’ve seen us mention PWF a few times in past posts, so it should be no surprise that we’re annual members and subscribe to their newsletter. Not only does their newsletter feature some of their upcoming events, it also focuses on different initiatives they are working on to help preserve the environment of the Hawaiian islands, education for local schools, and ways their helping people on Maui become more green.
Maui Arts & Cultural Center –
Located in Kahului, the MACC is host to many great events, including concerts, art exhibits, fundraisers, and more. We’re big fans of everything they do, and look forward to going back for another visit and another great concert in February. Their newsletter features upcoming events and ways you can help support the MACC, as well as coverage of recent events. And they’re also on Facebook, be sure to look for them there, too.
Maui Ocean Center –
Another great newsletter we subscribe to comes from the Maui Ocean Center. There seems to always be something neat going on at the MOC, whether it’s their holiday events, Sea Talk, or cool things to see with the sharks (my favorite). Much like the PWF, their newsletter is also a great way to see how they’re doing their part to help preserve the natural wonders of Maui and the Hawaiian islands. 
Do You Subscribe?
Do you already subscribe to any of these newsletters already? Maybe you have others that you’d like to recommend as well?  Do tell…

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