New Spa Coming Soon to the Sheraton Maui Resort

Monday, September 1, 2008


Spotted this little piece of news over the weekend while looking at rates for the Sheraton Maui Resort for our upcoming trip in February.

Spa at Black Rock Opening Soon

The spa at the Sheraton had been closed for a few years during this renovation, so Cindy has been going over to the Westin Maui Spa instead. Now, come February, she’ll either have to make a choice to try out the new Black Rock Spa or do both.

There weren’t many details available yet about the new spa opening at the Sheraton, except for the fact that it’s going to be the entire first floor of the Hale Nalu building at the resort. We’re there every year, so we know that’s a big building, but you can see for yourself on their property map.

On a side note if you’re looking at the map, we always stay in the Hale Moana building all the way on the left. It’s usually a safe distance from all the keiki in the Hale Ohana building. :)

Hale Moana building at the Sheraton Maui Resort
Hale Moana Building at the Sheraton

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4 Responses to “New Spa Coming Soon to the Sheraton Maui Resort”

  1. crap bag Says:

    Anyone out there have an actual opening date for the spa? We’ll be there in late October, and are a little worried about construction…

  2. Kris Nelson Says:

    I haven’t seen a date yet, but is a very large resort and I don’t think any work on the building where the Spa is being redone is going to impact much else than that small area.

    I’ll try to find out more. Do tell us how you like the resort when you get back.

  3. Kris Nelson Says:

    I did some checking, and while I couldn’t find the exact date it will be completed, I did find the new website for the spa itself. The Spa at Black Rock has more details about the spa and the services it provides, and while it currently lists Fall 2008 as the opening date, it will likely be updated closer to your trip.

    I hope this helps.

  4. Kris Nelson Says:

    Seems like there is still a little delay, since the spa’s website is now listing an opening in early 2009.

    We’ll be there in February, and Cindy’s still deciding to try the Sheraton’s new spa (assuming it’s open) or stick with Westin.

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