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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trip 3 Journal

Paradise Served Daily


Well, we’ve had a long day on Tuesday and I’ll post more details about that in the morning.

Monday was our traditional first day activities. Breakfast at the buffet was how things started, which like last year was included with our room package. Afterwards, we stopped off a the room and something caught our eye. Moments later, after staring through our binoculars, we had spotted our first whale from the lanai at our room. It wasn’t a major up close and in your face sighting, but it will still a thrill. Unfortunately, he was too far our to get a good shot with my telephoto lens.

We swung over to Safeway to grab some groceries (which we normally do the first night, but eh). After we returned, Cindy and mom went down to the beach and rented a few of those umbrellas and chairs while I finished my homework for a digital photography class I’m taking back home. While out on the lanai procrastinating with that, I spotted more activity out on the water, and this time, it was even more exciting. Looking through the binos, I was able to see full whale tail above the water as it came crashing down into the water. Amazing.

This time, I grabbed my video camera and was able to get some fairly decent views of the other whale (at least I think there were two) slapping it’s tail in the water for almost an entire minute. I haven’t had time to transfer it to my laptop yet nor upload it, but it will go up eventually. Upload speeds haven’t been that great here with my Sprint mobile card, so I’ll have to find a wi-fi spot nearby.

The day continued with our first stop in Lahaina Town, with a little shopping and dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise. On the shopping end, Cindy and I found very nice matching Aloha Wear to add to our collection, and we’ll likely be wearing it to the dinner cruise on Sunday. Mom also started her souvenir shopping, which was actually easier that she had thought.

The night ended with taking in the Cliff Dive Ceremony at Black Rock and then calling it a night. We’re still adjusting to the time difference and jet lag a little, and having to get up at 5am to get ready for the Road to Hana tour on Tuesday didn’t help the matter.

More updates on Tuesday’s trip to Hana and our plans for Wednesday (my birthday) in the morning.

Aloha and Mahalo.

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