Maui Princess Dinner Cruise

Docked in Lahaina Harbor
Sunset from aboard the Maui Princess
View of Lahaina from the Maui Princess


The Maui Princess Dinner Cruise is run by a company named the Lahaina Cruise Company, and operates out of Lahaina Harbor. While they offer quite a few excursions, the one we’ve booked has always been their dinner cruise. It usually boards in the late afternoon, about 45-60 minutes before sunset, and stays out on the water into the early evening. The ship travels up North towards Ka’anapali during sunset and then heads out into open waters, still giving a nice view of the coast as night falls.

The boat itself is pretty nice. It’s actually a luxury touring yacht that’s about 118 feet long, and it approved to carry almost 150 passengers. For comfort sake, the cruise company usually limits it’s bookings to less than 100 guests, so you can picture already how much personal space you get once on board. The upper deck is reserved for dining, while the music and dancing is all done on the lower deck. The entire cruise lasts around 2 hours.

You pre-select your dinner choice at the time of reservation, and the options consist of prime rib or chicken. It’s not the best food on the island, but what the atmostphere and open air make up for it a little bit.


Our first time on the dinner cruise, we hit a great streak of luck. The first thing that went in our favor was that we were all the way on the front end of the ship (unfortunately the open bar was on the back end). That made it a little more private by only have a table on one side of us.

The second, and bigger reward for us was that the other couple that we were expecting to share our table was a no show. That left us with a choice table all to ourselves. We knew it probably wasn’t going to happen to us a second time in the future, so we took advantage of it and enjoyed ourselves just a bit more.

Our second trip on the cruise we knew we’d have company this time and couldn’t be that lucky, which was okay with us. We actually met a nice couple and had a good time talking story with them about our visits and their first trip to Maui. Talking to others and sharing our experiences about Maui never gets old.

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