Lahaina Sunset Cocktail Cruise

View leaving Lahaina Harbor
West Maui Resorts
Sunset behind Lanai


The Lahaina Sunset Cocktail Cruise is operated by the Pacific Whale Foundation and they have an office and shop right on Front Street in Lahaina. Unlike the Teralani Sunset Cocktail Cruise, this vesel is docked and boards out of Lahaina Harbor.

The boat we boarded for this cruise was the Ocean Quest, which is a larger boat with both upper and lower deck seating areas. Being a bigger boat and based out of Lahaina Harbor, the range and distance of this cruise is greater than others. Not only does this trip go up north passed Black Rock like those cruises based out of Ka’anapali Beach, but it also returns back to the harbor and goes further south, giving you more of a few of Lahaina Town and the coast south of it as well.

There was also live entertain on the boat as well, which added some nice atmosphere to the trip. The open air seating on the upper deck was very welcoming and offers 360° views from every seat. It’s also very inviting for meeting other couples on the boat and talk story about your experiences on the island.


We had received a gift membership for the Pacific Whale Foundation, so when we were picking cruises and activities for our vacation, there were going to be on our list. We actually had scheduled two cruises with them, but did not find out to the last minute that the ship was sent to Oahu for maintenance and it was cancelled. No biggie.

Being members, to our surprise, got us priority boarding when the ship was docked, so we got to race up to the upper deck first and get seats right up front. We were actually the only members that were on that booking, which did surprise us a little.

We did meet a lot of nice people on this cruise, and had shared some great stories about all of our experiences and recommendations from others. The views were stunning as we had anticipated, and we were very pleased with the extended stop and drifting we did around the Ka’anapali Beach and Black Rock areas that previous cruises had not done.

With the extra time near Black Rock, I was able to take some great photos of the Sheraton Maui Resort and Black Rock from many different angles and vantage points that I hadn’t been able to before. In fact, I got great photos of just about the entire West Maui coastline that we travelled past, almost enough to make a collage of the entire shore.

Switching views and looking west at the sunset, it was cloudy as it had been earlier in the week, so it wasn’t a perfect sky sunset. Once the sun set behind Lanai from our angle, dusk did bring out some very pretty orange and purple hues to the skys and the beneath the clouds above. I did my best to capture those colors in photographs, but I don’t know if it’s possible to do those scenes justice without being there in person.

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