Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tour

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
Kahului Airport after takeoff


There’s so many beautiful places to see on Maui, it takes many trips to see everything you’d ever want to see. In some aspects, the untouched beauty and treasures that the Valley Island holds can not be reached by foot or car, rather, must be enjoyed from above.

The best option for that, other than chartering you’re own airplane, is by doing a helicopter tour. There are many helicopter tour companies in Hawaii, and seeing a full 60 minute tour is probably one of the more expensive activities you might find youself wanting to do. But in the end, it’s well worth it.

Blue Hawaiian

There are many reasons we chose Blue Hawaiian over the other tour companies out there. Even though it was pricey, we decided seeing a the sights and wonders of Maui from above, any enjoying it, wasn’t something we wanted to do on the cheap.

Blue Hawaiian offers many different flight options, and has service on both Kauai and the Big Island in addition to Maui, which showed us that they had quite a bite of experience and attracted some good pilots from across the islands. They also fly the latest, state of the art helicopters and are equipped with some pretty nice audio systems and video capabilities that allow you to take home a high-quality DVD of your very own tour.

Our Tour

We had the pleasure of enjoying the Complete Island flight, which lasted a little over an hour, and as the name states, covered the complete island. It was a gorgeous day on the island for a tour, and our pilot was very friendly and a great tour guide. The soundtrack they played during our flight that featured some familiar Hawaiian music and fit into the tour rather nicely.

The views were absolutely spectacular. We were able to take some great photos out of both sides for the aircraft, but there were times when the view was so breathtaking that I had to put down the camera and just take in the experience for myself. It was so perfect, we purchased the DVD our of flight once we landed and watch it every now and then when we want to relive that magic over Maui.

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