Maluaka Beach

Malu'aka Beach
Canoes at the Beach
A Heart at Malu'aka Beach


Probably one of the more secluded beaches we’ve visited on Maui, Maluaka Beach is somewhat of a hidden gem. That could just be because we’re guests from West Maui who don’t come down to Makena that often, but something tells me people like this beach to be their little secret.

It’s one of the smaller beaches from our list so far, even smaller than Kapalua Beach by a small margin. There aren’t nearly as many people here, though, which makes it more serene and private, which by our preferences, are nice qualities for a beach to have.

Beach Highlights

The seclusion and privacy could probably be one highlight in its own right. The water here can also be relatively calm at some times of the year, so you’ll see families with their kids in the water, especially if they’re all staying at the Maui Prince Hotel nearby. There is also a small snack shop at the south end of the beach, although we didn’t try it this time.

There is a nice view of Molokini from this beach, too. At the right time of the day, you’ll be able to watch the snorkling and scuba boats going back and forth to the little islet full of fish fans. In the more immediate area, though, it’s very common to see sea turtles swimming near the south end of the beach, so there’s always a handful of snorkelers hanging around. Heck, my wife even saw a whale breach near the north end of the beach the last time we were there, close enough to feel the impact of the whale hitting the water. Nice.

Back at the south end, there’s a nice shaded area with picnic tables and a little path to go further south. I wook a few moments to climb down there and check out the lava rocks. Unfortunately, just like with other parts of the island, some of the open area sout of the beach is closed for construction underway. Still enough room to walk around though, just be careful.