Koki Beach

Red Sand Beach
'Alau Islet
Koki Beach


One of the many stops common among visitors making the drive to Hana, Koki Beach and it’s bright red sand (in certain spots) is something to tell folks about back home. There aren’t too many places to swim here, so it’s more of a photo stop than a dip in the ocean. The cliffs nearby and the view of ‘Alau Islet are great subjects to shoot.

Beach Highlights

Koki Beach is only about a mile from Hana, so you don’t really have to go out of your way to see it. It is also near the more popular Hamoa Beach, which we’ve read a lot about but have not yet visited. We’ve only made this stop as part of a guided tour, so we haven’t seen in on our own time and for our purposes. The last time we were there, we saw a nice older couple that was enjoying the afternoon before all of us got off the bus and envaded there peace.

What you first notice when getting to this beach is the red sand and the lava rocks along the water. Some people might think it just looks like red dirt, but once you get closer and feel it with your fingers, it feels just like any other color sand you’d find around the island.

After you get past the fact that the sand is actually red, you start to look around at the other sights here. The next obvious eye catcher is the ‘Alau Islet not too far off the shore. High atop the islet you will see 2-3 coconut trees that are growing there. There are different stories behind them, but the one that we heard while there was of brothers who were headed off to war.

Lastly, if you look north, you’ll see a stunning view of the cliffs nearby, which offer up another nice photo opportunity. While we were there, we saw a mist from the water and the wind along the shore that added a little mystique to the cliffs, and had we had more time, we would have taken the stroll to investigate further.