Kama’ole Beach Park I

Kama'ole Beach I
Waves at Kama'ole I
Lava Rocks


Of the three beaches that make up Kama’ole Beach, Kama’ole Beach I is the hands down favorite amongst visitors to the Valley Isle. It is the longest of the three, has the softest (and hottest) golden sand, and has all the ammenities from showers and restrooms to a lifeguard. With enough space for everyone, the parking nearby fills up fast, so come early.

Beach Highlights

Kihei is far from a resort town since a good amount of Maui residents live in this area. So, you probably wouldn’t expect to find such a popular beach with tourists in this area, right? Well, you’d be wrong. You’re likely to find visitors from both the Ka’anapali and Wailea resort areas making there way out here for a taste of something different. We did.

We lucked out when we pulled up to the beach parking, finding someone that was just leaving. We were also coming out around 12pm, so those a little earlier out of bed will have no problem finding parking. Since the sun was out most of the morning, the sand was nice and hot, too. The water, however, was cool and just what those toes needed.

You probably could spend most of your day here. Since you’re in Kihei, there’s a lot of places nearby to grab a quick bite to eat, hit the ABC Store to restock your suntan lotion, things like that. With the other two beaches that make up Kama’ole Beach just next door, you’d easily be able to hit all three in a single outting.

As with many of the beaches in South Maui, you can see Molokini out in the distance, and see the boats go to and from there all morning. I can’t say you’ll find a lot of wild life along these beaches, though, you could spend some of your time people watching. In addition to that, you’ll also find some very glitzy beachfront houses right next to the sand, if you like to dream that is.