Kahekili Beach

Ka'anapali Beach
Kahekili Beach Park


Kahekili Beach is often confused as being part of Ka’anapali Beach, but it is actually the official name of the stretch of sand north of Black Rock in Ka’anapali. Starting at the south at the end of Ka’anapali Parkway and the Ka’anapali Golf Resort stretching north to about the Ka’anapali Shores Resort. Significantly less crowded than Ka’anapali Beach to the south, it offers equal beauty and a little more peace and quiet.

Beach Highlights

As with Ka’anapali Beach, there is a lot of room here to stretch out and find your own little spot in the sand. The resorts along the beach aren’t right along the sand like they are on Ka’anapali Beach, so there’s a little more peace and privacy for both the beachgoers and the resort guests.

One popular entrance way to this beach is from the northern end of Ka’anapali Parkway where the road ends at the Sheraton and the greens from the golf course are within sight. There’s a walkway/golf cart road where you can jump on the path along the beach (seen in the second photo on the right). Right away, you’ll see a really nice cabana along the sand, which unless you’re a guest at the Maui Eldorado, is off limits to you.

A noticable difference here from Ka’anapali Beach is the lack of activities and beachfront shops and restaurants. This gives Kahekili Beach it’s own charachter and charm. Come night fall, you get a more private and cozy feel with only a few torches and lights from neighboring resorts, unlike it’s counterpart to the south. Anyone staying in Ka’anapali at least north of Whalers Village should certainly plan on taking a walk north of Black Rock at least one day and one night on their trip.