Ka’anapali Beach

Ka'anapali Beach
Ka'anapali Beach
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Sunset at Ka'anapali Beach


There is perhaps little doubt that Ka’anapali Beach on West Maui has just about everything any beachgoer would want. Starting at the North at Pu’u Keka’a (Black Rock) at the Sheraton Maui Resort and extending south all the way to the Hyatt Regency Maui, it is some of the best beach candy that you’ll find.

Among just soaking up the sun, there are an exhausting number of activities and entertainment options offered along the beach for both during the day and after the sun goes down. Even after sunset, Ka’anapali Beach is a starry dream for any one wanting a late night stroll along the beach.

Beach Highlights

Being one of the larger beaches on Maui, there’s a lot of ground to cover, and perhaps not enough time in a day or two to do everything you’d like to. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons the condos and resorts along Ka’anapali Beach seem to be so popular, since guests have most if not all of their vacation needs right at their doorstep.

For our daylight hours, we enjoy the Ka’anapali Beachwalk at least once or twice a trip. Roughly 1.5 miles from one end to the other, it’s a good way to get your exercise for the day. Browsing through Whalers Village and just relaxing on the sandy beach enjoying the warm sunshine also helps round out a typical afternoon on Ka’anapali Beach for us. Just sitting for 15 minutes, you can watch the keiki (kids) climb up and jump off of Black Rock, see snorklers chasing turtles around the reef, spot daring parasailers high above the water and witness the occasional catarmaran or sailboat floating by.

At night, just about every dinner option along the beach offers a great view of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll likely find anywhere in Hawaii, so you really never have to leave too far from the beach itself. With a memorable sunset fresh in your mind and a tasty meal in your stomach, what better encore than a romantic stroll along the beach under the stars. It doesn’t get much more perfect than this.


Here’s a brief list of the types of activities that keep people coming back to Ka’anapali Beach: