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The island of Maui has a lot to offer, and each region has it’s own beauty and magic. If you’re not yet familiar with the different regions on the Valley Isle, check out our maps first to learn where everything is.

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Sights and Tours

Don’t try to see everything at once when visiting Maui, otherwise, why would you need to come back? Here you can find some of our favorite sights and tours to see on Maui that will keep you coming back for years.

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Part of the beauty of Maui, as well as all of the Hawaiian Islands, is without a doubt it’s beaches. In true Aloha fashion, Maui sports beaches for everyone’s interests, from snorkeling and watersports to family fun and bright, warm sun. These beaches also come in a variety of colors: white, golden, black and red.

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Part of any vacation is not having to cook, and after a day at the beach or a long trip to Hana, all you want to do is find some ono eats and sip your favorite drink out of a large pineapple. Picnics on the beach are fun and a great way to relax, but dining out is definitely a special treat.

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Perhaps the biggest problem with shopping in Maui is trying to bring back all your treasures and gifts along side the luggage you already came with. There are so many great places to browse and shop, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to keep for yourself and what to give to your loved ones.

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